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Swallow, girls who do that and the advantages of that

Many of the London Escorts Aphrodite girls swallow and love to do so to please their clients and because they enjoy this and are open-minded.

Not all girls do Swallowing, so check on the list of services that each Escort Girl offers.

Men enjoy being with a woman who swallows because it shows that she is confident and enjoys herself sexually.

It can show that she gets carried away at the moment and completely is in the moment.

That she wants to experience every part of the man she’s giving oral sex too. It can feel like a release for the Escort Girl too.

London Escort Girl Aphroditeagency24/7- Call Now! Izzy
london escort girl AphroditeAgency24/7- Call Now! Izzy

Our beautiful and sexy Escort Girl, Carlita, loves to experience swallowing as part of the oral sex service she offers. She enjoys the feeling of the man’s warm cum in her mouth and knows he is truly happy.

As an Escort Girl, Carlita will talk about the times she has enjoyed swallowing for a client: ‘I have always enjoyed giving men oral sex and have loved swallowing ever since I can remember.

I love it when a man’s cock gets harder in my mouth, and I can feel him losing control, a lot of men tend to pull my hair just before them cum.

After they always say they’ve enjoyed it as not every woman swallows. Some of their clients say that previous partners haven’t swallowed before, and it’s something they’ve wanted to experience. It’s perfect booking another Escort or me for services such as swallowing as we know exactly what we’re doing and are very experienced.

We also can do new things that you may want to try but not have felt able to try with someone else.

I love to suck a man until he’s close to cumming and then stop for a bit, letting him touch my breasts, my wet pussy, and I enjoy sitting on their faces so I can orgasm too.

I like to tease a man and take my time, gently licking the top of his cock and then getting faster and rougher. A new client I saw last week wanted me to swallow.

He also loved me being more rough than usual. We spent a lot of time kissing and touching each other, and he told me how he likes it when women are rougher with his cock.

He said he liked being gently bitten on his cock and enjoyed me being harder and faster with him.

He told me to go for it and to get carried away. I found this sexy. I enjoy showing and telling clients what to do sexually, but to be told by a client exactly what he liked made me excited.

It’s great to know even as experienced Escort Girls that our clients are satisfied. I started brushing my teeth more against his cock when I was giving him oral sex.

I told him to stand up next to the bed so that I could kneel down and have all of him in my mouth as much as possible. He was so hard. It felt exciting to be trying something different. I started biting down gently to start with checking in with him that it was ok.

He wanted me to be harder and harder each time. I got carried away and did it as hard as he wanted. It felt naughty, like I would hurt him, but he only got harder, and I could feel how close he was to cumming.

I always enjoy swallowing, whether it’s after we’ve had sex or if I’m there fully to concentrate on my client’s pleasure. It’s a turn-on feeling in control and to know what I can do to a man. 

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