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Sexy Striptease

Interview with Diva:
Sexy Striptease is a lovely service of Our beautiful London Aphrodite escort girls love to offer a sensual. Sexy striptease as part of their services to their clients.
They love to perform and see you watching their sexy figure writhing around.
Our sexy London Escort girls look sexy dressed in revealing lingerie, tight latex and PVC, and uniforms. I love to perform a cheeky striptease for my sexual partners.
I love to dress up and feel sexy, knowing I’ll be turning my client on when I walk into the room dressed up. I take off my clothes very slowly, looking my clients in the eye as I’m doing this.
Sometimes I will walk over to my client, stripping off while sitting on his lap, bending over in front of him, making him feel my body but not touching or lick me properly as he wants.
Some of my clients have an idea of what they want.

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all services escorts london AphroditeAgency24/7- Call Now! Diva

I love taking suggestions of if they want me to take it slower or faster. I love to straddle my clients on their laps, facing them and looking into their eyes while removing my tight lingerie, pushing my firm breasts into their face so my nipples can be licked and sucked. I enjoy my sexual partners being quite firm with my nipples as I find it makes me even more turned on and wet.
I also want to bend over in front of my clients while I start removing my knickers, or sometimes I ask them to remove them with their teeth.
I love doing a floor show to entertain my clients as I love to control and tease them. Sometimes, when I perform with the other escort girls, we help each other remove lingerie and uniforms. I love undressing another girl as women’s bodies are very curvy and sensual to touch.
I love the smell of a woman’s skin and caressing this looking at her. I enjoy feeling the other escort girl’s lace or silky lingerie against my skin.
Sometimes we both lay down together, touching each other through our underwear, feeling each other getting wetter, and soaking the knickers.

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vip escort london AphroditeAgency24/7- Call Now! Diva

DUO Sexy Striptease

I’ve always had great reviews from clients who have watched me perform a striptease with another London Escort girl. We quite often have repeat bookings, and we both love the attention.
One of the reasons I decided to become a London Escort girl was because I love attention from men and intimate experiences with the other girls and my clients.
I enjoy experimenting sexually in my job and learning new tricks. I perform with the other escort girl I know well, and we are so comfortable with one another’s bodies, so it is enjoyable to spend this time satisfying clients together.
If you like particular lingerie or uniforms, please let yourself know when you’re booking a London Aphrodite Escort girl, and we will try to accommodate your requests.

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