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Who have  sex with two girls and why.

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Reasons to try sex with 2 partners are similar. People do it :

To realize their erotic fantasies.

To have a vivid sexual experience that will be remembered for a long time.

Get to know themselves better and discover new aspects of pleasure.

Feel what it’s like to have someone on the outside watching you have sex.

To diversify the sex you’re used to.

What to do in bed to make sex with two girls successful

Take your time.

Your goal is not to finish as quickly as possible, but to have fun. Take time for foreplay: this will help you relax. Gently stroke each other, get to know your partners’ bodies, look at them. Find something you particularly like, and give an affectionate compliment.

During sex, don’t chase an orgasm, listen to your feelings. If you’re tired, pause, have a drink of water or champagne, chat.

Be delicate.

Be careful with jokes. Don’t make fun of anyone involved, don’t make questionable comments about their bodies and behavior, even if something seems strange or unexpected. If you’re a man, don’t compare women to each other under any circumstances. Otherwise it may be over before it has even begun.

Find the right positions

Positions are better to think about beforehand, because it’s not as obvious as in sex with two. For example, here is a good option: the first girl lies on her back, the second does her cunnilingus, kneeling, while the man penetrates from behind.

Play as a team

It’s hard for one man to satisfy two women at the same time, so act together. A good option is to have a couple of participants engage in a third, and then everyone changes. Even if only two are engaged in a pose, hold the remaining man’s hand, pet him, or at least maintain eye contact with him.

If you want to change positions or try something new, feel free to suggest it. But don’t be bossy. Others may accept your idea or refuse it.

Do only what all three of you like.

Some girls are bisexual, but not all. Therefore, a man should not ask them to fondle each other: if they want to, they will start without prompting. If women are not ready for sex with each other, you can pick up another option for interaction. Strokes on the back or hand and even just smiles will do.

Don’t be afraid to stop.

If something isn’t right, say so. Don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or uncertain. Remember: you have the right to interrupt the game at any time, no matter how far you go.

Do not forget about hygiene

Moving from one girl to another, a man should change condoms and disinfect his hands. Girls should also use an antibacterial agent if they touch themselves or their partners.