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Oral sex experiences

Interview with Ceren

The majority of our stunning London Aphrodite escort girls love to experience oral sex, both receiving and performing this act on their clients. This can be something you love to experience and can be very intimate. I personally love to perform oral sex on my sexual partners and enjoy feeling them getting harder in my mouth as I’m going up and down. I enjoy feeling them getting harder and filling my mouth up.

Our sexy London escort girls are great at performing oral sex as they are confident and happy to put you at ease. It’s a perfect way for men to feel in control and you can control the pace if you want by pulling on her hair and pushing her head down. I find it really sexy when men move my head up and down by my hair as I love the men being dominant. I also enjoy kneeling down in front of my sexual partners and looking up at them whilst I perform oral sex on them. I can imagine performing oral sex with a sexual partner, I dressed in latex and them being rough with me, controlling how I move my head. This is definitely I was to experiment and perform with more.

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I also enjoy receiving oral sex, from my clients and sexual partners. It can be really intimate but also very rough and lead straight onto other things. I have loved a sexual partner going down on me for ages, licking and touching my clit and my warm, wet pussy. I love sitting on a sexual partners face and feeling really in control rocking my hips back and forth as well, role playing the dominant partner. I really enjoyed a time where I sat on an escorts face and he was stoking my bum before putting his finger inside my bum moving this around, it felt very erotic and sexy. This is something I’d love to try again to help me to climax hard.

I also like being the submissive escort girl and being tied up, my recent client tied me up and blindfolded me. It was really hot laying there not sure of what was going to happen next and I could feel myself throbbing with anticipation. He then lifted my hips up and pushed his face into my pussy, licking me really roughly along my clit and the whole length of my pussy. I got really turned on really quickly and wanted more! I could feel how wet I was as the sheets were soaking wet.

A lot of the other London Escort Girls love to imagine their clients going down on them, making them wetter and ready for more, which is why many of them enjoy the ‘69’ position with their clients. It can be a very sexy end to your time with your chosen London Aphrodite escort girl. Our escort girls also love to give their clients a good time and are adept at performing sensual oral sex on you.