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Story from Mature Mistress Akira

London Escorts Aphrodite has our sexy Mature Mistress Akira working for us. Akira is a confident and very sexy Busty Escort with a figure ideal for suiting your fetish needs. Akira is open-minded, and she is also very experienced. Both of these combined make for a very satisfactory experience. 

Akira is very experienced in meeting her clients dominating wishes.

 Akira will show you that she is more than in control of your pleasure and will show you a good time. 

If you have a look at her photo gallery, you will see how sexy her figure is and her amazing DD cup breasts. 

London Escorts Aphrodite agency has asked Akira to interview her time meeting a man’s Fetish sexual fantasy desires. 

Akira: ‘I have many bookings from clients looking for an Escort willing to fulfill their sex fantasy needs. This particular booking was for a boot fetish, I have had many foot fetish clients, but this was the first boot one. He wanted me to include all of my domination services so giving fisting, spanking, and watersports, but he also wanted me to make him clean and lick my boots. 

I love wearing Fetish clothing like PVC and latex as it feels good against my skin and makes me feel very sexy. I dressed up wearing the boots, and when he arrived, he looked smart, wearing a suit and tie.

I quickly discussed the ground rules with him and checked what he was ok, with, and we got down to business. I made him take off his clothes using his tie to tie his hands together and I put a collar on him with a lead on so that I could make him walk around in front of me like a dog.

I enjoy humiliating men who want this and calling them names and I quickly get into my role. I made him stop and I stood in front of him demanding he clean my boots to a high standard, each time he made a mistake I got annoyed and slapped his face gently, or I used my flogger on his arse.

He spent a lot of time licking and cleaning my boots looking up at me. I had my heels near his cock and ballsthen I would gently kickevery now and then him to remind him who was in charge.

He was so hard I was excited to be able to feel his cock inside my mouth later on. After a while, I told him I wanted oral sex, and I laid back on the bed with my legs apart, and he gave me oral sex while I held onto his lead. If I wasn’t happy, I pulled the lead or made him stop so that I could flog him.

When I was about to orgasm, I got my vibrator so he could make me orgasm. I use that, I came really hard and stood up straight away, making him walk around the bed on his hands and knees. I made him lay on his back so that I could kneel over him and urinate on his chest.

During this, I called him a useless, pathetic man and he got harder each time. I climbed onto his cock and rode it to feel him cumming inside me when I was ready. I love dominating men and showing them that I’m experienced in this area.’

London Escorts Aphrodite Has Our Sexy Mature Mistress Akira
London Escorts Aphrodite has our sexy Mature Mistress Akira

If you’re into or interested in being dominated by London Escorts Aphrodite agencies sexy Mature Mistress Akira or have any enquiries don’t hesitate to get in touch with us online or via phone.

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