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Boot fetish

Jennifer will discuss some of her boot fetish:

‘I have been working with London Escorts Aphrodite Agency for some time now and although I started working here already open-minded with a lot of previous sexual experiences of a boot fetish.
I always meet new clients for fetish bookings that I may not have experienced of heard of before.
I have a regular booking with a client for an incall appointment roughly once every month.
He is kinky and gets turned on by knee or thigh-high boots.
He has had this fetish for a long time and has gradually done more and more to experience the excitement and rush he feels at the thought of these boots.

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It starts off very slowly because it all leads up to me pleasuring him with the heel of the boot.
He enjoys the build-up and the anticipation of what I’m going to do to him next.
I start off by doing up the laces on the boots slowly whilst he is laying on the bed watching, now and then I’ll look up at him watching him look really excited.

Sometimes he wants to be tied up, using restraints on his wrist with his hands behind his head, and other times he wants his hands free. I usually sit on a chair above him whilst he is laying on the floor, he likes me being in the power position to feel like he is completely at my mercy.

I make him lick my boots pushing them into his face asking him to clean and lick the material.
I’m quite rough when I’m doing this as this is what he likes and I’ll be quite forceful pushing the material into his mouth more so that sometimes he struggles to lick my boots.

I then sit on the chair with my legs open so he can see how wet I am, I use one of my boots to start rubbing his cock up and down, stroking and teasing it so that it gets harder and harder each time I rub him.

I keep doing this changing over from each boot and getting faster and faster, I then start to use both boots to pleasure him, he loves to cum on my boots, sometimes I want to make him clean them after and make him lick his own cum off my boots but he doesn’t want to do this yet.

It is really enjoyable seeing my clients happy and fulfilling their boot fetishes.
Everyone has a particular kink, a particular fetish they might have that they haven’t had the opportunity to experiment with.
This is why booking some quality time with myself or one of the other London Escorts Aphrodite Agency girls may be the perfect way to explore some of those feelings and urges you have around your fetishes as many of our open-minded London escorts have a fetish service’.

If there is something more specific you may want to check via our email or phone with our friendly receptionist who will try her best to accommodate your requests.

Also remember Jennifer and the other escort girls have met up with a lot of clients with all sorts of fetishes.
Jennifer discussed the boots fetish as she finds it quite kinky and enjoys dressing up.
Jennifer also like a lot of the bondage PVC clothing and feels sexy in this, so Sally finds incorporating this into her client’s fetish needs very rewarding.

This boot fetish can be linked to clients enjoying being submissive whilst the woman dominates him, the London Escort Girl will be enjoying making you lick her boots, making you feel like her sex slave and seeing you want more.
Have a look through Aphrodite’s gallery of open-minded and stunning escorts to find the right escort to meet your Boot fetish desires.