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7 reasons to try blindfolded sex

Why You Should Try blindfolded sex

As with all sex games, there are a few important rules:

The “yes” rule. Make sure your partner shares your desires before engaging in intimate experimentation.

The stop-word rule. Be ready to stop the game immediately if your partner dislikes it and he informs you about it by saying a predetermined word (e.g., “red”).

Rule of Limits. Discuss with your partner what sexual actions he considers unacceptable, and do not cross that line.

If there is nothing wrong with mutual respect in your couple, the idea to try blindfolded sex is sure to please you. Especially since this game has at least seven nice bonuses.

1. you’ll get more vivid sensations from sex than ever before

The blindfold temporarily deprives a person of the ability to see. When you lose one of your senses (scientists call it Sensory Deprivation / Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine), your brain tries to compensate by increasing sensitivity to other stimuli.

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Touching, whispering, smelling, and tasting under the blindfold are perceived much more acutely than usual. And sexual play will seem more vivid and sensual.

2. It will be easier for you to reach orgasm.

Since the blindfolded person can’t see what his partner is going to do, any movement becomes a surprise. The person is in anticipation of the next touch all the time, his nervous system is tense. And this increasesJ. M. Schober, D. Pfaff. The neurophysiology of sexual arousal / Best Practice & Research Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

3. You will get rid of the awkwardness.

Small children, when they are afraid, hide under the covers. Adults sometimes do the same: for example, a girl who is unsure of her body’s beauty prefers to have sex only in the dark – so the man won’t see the creases and won’t be disappointed.

The blindfold is a way for one partner to “turn off the lights.” It reduces anxiety, is psychologically liberating, intimate pleasures become more free.

4. You will easily take a step toward new techniques.

Often a blindfold is just a piece of soft cloth. If a person has agreed to wear it over his eyes, it will be easier for him to accept and, for example, limitation of mobility. So, the same scrap of fabric can be used to tie the wrists (to clarify: you do remember the “yes” rule and boundaries, right?).

By the way, blindfolded sex may well be the first neat step to BDSM. Unless, of course, you both don’t mind trying this sexual practice.

5. You’ll be able to try role-playing.

With your eyes closed, it’s easy to fantasize. For example, you can imagine as if in the place of your partner is a completely different, unfamiliar person. In turn, the one whose eyes are open, can change your voice, tone, behavior model: for example, to try on the role of a strict teacher, doctor, nurse.

You will not need any costumes for dressing up, nor complicated preparation: a blindfold is enough to create a new game story.

6. You will learn to trust each other more.

By letting yourself blindfolded, you show trust. And get rewarded for it: affection, pleasant feelings, dizzying sex. This reinforces the “I trust, I feel good” bond. It makes the partners closer.

7. And you will be more responsible in the relationship.

He who has his eyes closed learns to trust. The one who gets hooked, along with the realization of “I’m trusted,” gains control. This sense of power excites, excites, and is a powerful psychological aphrodisiac. At the same time, a person must remember how important it is to be gentle, not to overstep boundaries and to restrain yourself in order to give pleasure to your partner.